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Welcome to Australian Warfighters Coffee

Welcome to Australian Warfighters Coffee

Australian Warfighters Coffee: Brewed with Purpose.

Australian Warfighters Coffee is not only known for its exceptional brews but also for its unwavering commitment to supporting veterans and first responders. This blog delves into the origins, mission, and offerings of Australian Warfighters Coffee, exploring how the brand has made a significant impact in both the coffee industry and the veteran community.

The Origin Story

Australian Warfighters Coffee was founded by Ian Rawson who was inspired by his wife to start a hobby to keep busy, after being medically discharged with PTSD and physical injuries, so he decided to start a business out of a love for great coffee. Recognising the challenges many veterans face upon returning to civilian life, the founder sought to create a business that would provide high-quality coffee and give back to the veteran community. His vision was to create a brand that embodied the values of service, resilience, and camaraderie.

The Mission

The heart of Australian Warfighters Coffee lies in its mission to support veterans in meaningful ways. All profits from every bag of coffee sold go towards organisations and initiatives that assist veterans in their transition to civilian life, including mental health support, employment opportunities, and other vital services.

The Coffee

Australian Warfighters Coffee offers a range of meticulously sourced and roasted blends that cater to various palates. Some of their popular offerings include:

Kenyan Blend: This vibrant and bold blend boasts bright acidity and fruity undertones, making it a favorite among those who appreciate a lively cup of coffee.

House Blend: A smooth and balanced blend, perfect for everyday drinking. It features a harmonious mix of rich flavors and a satisfying finish.

Nightstalker: Designed for espresso lovers, this roast delivers a robust and intense flavour profile with a deep, aromatic complexity.

The Impact

Since its inception, Australian Warfighters Coffee has made a tangible impact on the lives of many veterans by providing job training, mental health resources, and community support for those who have served. By fostering a sense of community and purpose, Australian Warfighters Coffee is helping veterans navigate the challenges of post-service life with dignity and support.

Winner of the Kings trust Award for Community Impact in 2023
Winner of the Commonwealth Banks small business of the Year 2023
Winner of the Australian Owned - Best Emerging business of 2024


How to Get Involved

Supporting Australian Warfighters Coffee is simple and rewarding. Customers can purchase coffee directly from their website, with the added satisfaction of knowing their purchase is making a difference. The company also offers various partnership opportunities for those looking to make a more significant impact, including corporate gifting, wholesale partnerships, and community events.


Australian Warfighters Coffee is more than just a coffee company; it’s a movement dedicated to honouring and supporting veterans and first responders through the universal love of coffee. With every sip, customers are reminded of the sacrifices made by those who have served and the importance of giving back.

By choosing Australian Warfighters Coffee, customers can show their support for a brand that stands for quality, patriotism, and community.

To learn more about their mission, browse their coffee selections, and make a purchase that truly makes a difference,

visit Australian Warfighters Coffee.

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