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Hi UK welcome to Australian Warfighters Coffee - Veteran Owend and Operated.
Hi UK welcome to Australian Warfighters Coffee - Veteran Owend and Operated.



Australian Warfighter Coffee is an all-Australian veteran-owned coffee company.

Like all military missions we have 1 simple aim, and that is to supply quality award-winning Coffee so we can support Mental Health Awareness through Veteran and First Responder organisations

The founder of Australian Warfighter Coffee is a military veteran, and he believes in not earning from this social enterprise, instead, he would prefer to give back to those who have served and are still currently serving to keep Australia and our communities safe.

We believe that coffee and conversation is one way to bring people together and kick the stigma about Mental Health. We have seen firsthand how a good coffee and chat can assist those who are battling the black dog. Many family members have told us that our café has assisted in the healing process for family members.

Australian Warfighter Coffee is a specialty blend roaster, and we source directly from coffee plantations through a sustainable cycle. We have a cupping score of over 80% on all our blends.

We were the first veteran coffee company in Australia to support Mental Health Awareness for both Veterans and First Responders, and not only do we advocate for mental health, but we also actively encourage others to join the fight against Mental Health issues.

Everything about our coffee is done to encourage other coffee lovers to unite through conversations share stories of past experiences and understand that is not a sign of weakness to ask for help. 

We all know that feeling you get from a good coffee, but when you have an Australian Warfighter coffee not only gives you that instant burst of much-needed energy, but it also makes you feel good knowing that you are assisting a Veteran owned business that gives its profits back to other veteran and first responder charities, without making the rich even richer.

Coffee brings people together. Enjoying an Australian Warfighter coffee with someone is an easy way to spend time with a mate and listen and share your experiences face to face.

We at Australian Warfighter Coffee can now provide you with a full Coffee solution for your business and work area. We can provide Coffee, Machines, Cups, Lids, and Syrups everything you could need plus access to over 40 000 café items.

So, start the conversation now and grab a brew and discuss mental health with your mates.