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Australian Warfighters' luxury drinking chocolate is a sumptuous creation made with the finest ingredients. Its irresistible blend is so enchanting that you might find yourself savouring it directly from the spoon.

It's an indulgence that truly satisfies. Whip up delectable, iced chocolates, and mochas, or use it as a decadent topping for your ice cream. 

And the best part? It's gluten-free and dairy-free—giving you the freedom to enjoy it as you please until you choose to blend it with milk.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Teonee Luck

I use this at the store wear I manage. And everyone love’s it

Paul Hillis
Duty Nobly Done

WOW it is what the name says Duty Nobly Done ( ground ) version , I had forgotten to grab filters so made it as if it were instant & realised after couple of sips then mouthfuls you guys got the taste half write. The beginning taste I immediately was taken back to what our fellow countrymen would of gone threw, with instant tastes of dirt from the trenches , chuck in the horse, donkey & dog poo & just for good measure, a bit of toe jam ( cause filtered through their socks ) , it really is a stonkingly good drop despite the description I’ve sensed. I must also give a thank you to Adam Holloway, cheers cobber.
Am looking forward to trying the other flavours, thank you Australian Warefighters Coffee. 👍

Mathew Mowbray
the best

it is the only hot chocolate that I will drink


Best hot chocolate ever perfect addition to ice cream as well. It’s that great the bag doesn’t last long in our house. Highly recommend this product

Annie Slevin
Chocco Powder is the best

Oh my this is amazing, if you are a hot chocolate drinker you need to get onto this. 10/10