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Aussie Frontline

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“Aussie Frontline is a supportive and encouraging community of first responders, ADF members and veterans.

The Aussie Frontline emblem incorporates elements from each of the Australian military and emergency services insignia and combines them all in a display of unity. The emblem itself represents courage, unity, pride and respect – which are the values of Aussie Frontline.

Aussie Frontline is underpinned by the phrase ‘One team, one family.

The Aussie Frontline T-shirts, promoted through the @aussie_frontline Instagram page serve three distinct purposes;

The first is to provide emergency services, ADF personnel and veterans with a meaningful shirt they can wear, without giving away exactly which service they are representing while showing support for all of them at the same time.

The second is the Pay it Forward system whereby members of the Aussie Frontline community sponsor a shirt for a fellow frontline stranger who is having a rough trot. We then canvas the community, receive nominations and send out a shirt along with a private note to a struggling member or veteran to get behind them and show some love.

The third purpose is to raise funds. $10 from every shirt sold is set aside and we use those funds to pay for counselling sessions for struggling members of the Aussie Frontline community with an accredited counsellor and absolute legend Matt Newlands.

Matt is based in Adelaide. He’s an ex-cop, mental health advocate for first responders, a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, and P.T.S. survivor and works solely in the military and first responder health space. Matt is an accredited counsellor with a passion for working with first responders and military personnel to improve their quality of life.

Matt’s inspirational story is about resilience and triumph over adversity. He spent 10 years in the Police, during which he was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Depression. By 2015 Matt had lost his marriage, and his family and battled suicidal thoughts. He was then arrested whilst he was on duty.

The following years resulted in a very intense recovery, working through a serious identity crisis and challenging his core values. Matt now works as a mental health advocate for emergency services using his lived experience to encourage difficult conversations around mental health self-awareness in attempts to change organisational culture. Due to Matt’s experience, training and knowledge, he is extremely well equipped to assist others struggling with MH and to help improve their quality of life through his 1-on-1 counselling services.

This is Matt's purpose”.

Espresso Flavours:

Hints of chocolate, honey liqueur and a soft hazelnut finish.

Tasting Notes:

This rich intense flavoured blend produces a rich golden crema and a highly aromatic finish. Winning a bronze medal in the milk category this coffee provides customers with a consistently beautiful coffee


Brazil / India / Colombia / PNG

Bronze Golden Bean winner 2018 | 2019 | 2020

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Front up for frontline

My go to bean for home brew.
I always stock a bag of beans at home alongside my other pre-ground warfighter concoctions that are packed in my work bag.
Great flavour and terrific cause to support all serving and ex-serving members from all services.
Always quick turnaround when ordering.
Keep up the great work

Josh A
Winning combo

Great coffee, fast turnaround and delivery and supporting a great cause and Community, get amongst it!



Easy Pour

An easy drinking bean with no hint of international roast or blend 43 depending on you rat pack vintage.

Jeffrey Warfield
Not frontline. Havoc 06

I found havoc 06 a weak flavour and have been using 2 teaspoons to get a taste. I don't know what the frontline is like as I didn't receive it.